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Branding, Packaging, Advertisement Design & Motion Graphics
for eCommerce, Retail Products, and Service Agencies
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Celebrating over 20 years of professional experience in graphic design. Providing complete creative services, including brand design, packaging, and advertisement design for CPG retail brands, direct-to-consumer brands, business-to-business, service agencies and more! Original, and customized digital illustrations for your brands, packaging, with animated logos or social media story and channel intros. Direct-to-garmet print design, including creative solutions for face covers, clothing brands, and designer luxury apparel products. Regulatory compliance labeling and packaging design for cannabis and CBD products. Motion graphic and advertisement design for web, and social media.
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Adverts that Convert!

Adverts That Convert

Creative advert design for content delivery networks, Facebook networks and more! Do you hate the algorithm as much as everyone else does? Let's beat it together! Now offering TruTEXT advert analysis, that will increase compatibility and relevancy for your advert campaign. Get adverts that are always unique, always custom for your brand. Satisfy the algorithm and showcase your business for growth.
First World Graphics Design

Supporting USA-Based Businesses

Not happy with 3rd world graphic design? Is there a language barrier, cultural barrier, and diplomatic barrier that's making you frustrated with your overseas creative content design? Stop giving away your intellectual property and business practices to non-USA contractors. Ed Horta Creative is 100% American owned, American-trained, American-disciplined, with American-relevance that will make your creative content make sense. Support small businesses in America, and keep your creative content away from overseas copycats. Use discount code MAKEITBETTER and convert your existing overseas creative to American Art-Directed design, at a great rate!
Toast Spreadz Package Design

Refresh & Redesign

Keep up with the latest design trends. Update your product packaging today! Review competition, category, and consumer favorites that may influence sales of your branded product. Package design is the first point of consumer contact in a retail environment. We work with you and your consumer insights for strategic custom package design development. Would you like to start design on a white box mailer for your brand? Connect with Ed Horta Creative, and take your brand to the next level.
Hummer'z Choice Tropical Honey

Put a Brand on It!

Launch your new product into retail with a refined branding system. From stationery to complex sub-branding strategies, find out how far your product can go. From printing, to digital, and interactive environments, a strong branding system can break market segment boundaries, and reach new consumers. Do you need your graphic design work reviewed for printability and consistency? Have you files reviewed professionally before starting an expensive print job. You'll like the view, and be the best view to your consumers!
Canna-Jelly Shelf Set

Retail Ready

Selecting the right package for your product is essential to the success it has on shelf. Review your packaging options for your product, and get ready for retail. Invest in the evolution of your package design within industry standards, with the right materials, OVT rates, and printing technologies. Sustainability goes beyond recycling with the right custom packaging. Ensuring packaging UPC requirements are followed can be crucial for business success, including distribution through big box stores and big corpa retailers. Ensure your package design meets the strict requirements for market, by working with Ed Horta Creative.
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Stay Social

Add packaging content to your Instagram feed! Follow @ed.horta for a behind the scenes look at branding, packaging and product development. Engage in social interaction, with live video streams, and concept sharing.
Consulting with Ed Horta on LinkedIn

Creative Networking

Connect with Ed Horta on LinkedIn, and extend your professional network. Stimulate solutions by diversifying your creative needs. Stay connected and participate along industry commentary, reviews and more.
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